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Diamond Cut

Among diamond color, clarity and carat weight, diamond cut is a decisive factor in the quality of a diamond.  The cut process of a diamond begins from the moment it is a rough stone until it becomes in a gem-quality diamond. There are different diamond-cut types including round, princess, emerald, cushion, heart and more. However, diamond-cut does not refer to the shape of the diamond rather to the superiority of artwork put into the angles, proportions and symmetry in which a diamond has been cut.  Professional cut ensures that a diamond has reached its maximum scintillation fire, and brilliance.

Scintillation is represented by sparkles of flashes of light that are visible when the diamond is in motion.  Fire appears when light passes through the diamond and splits into flashes of rainbow colors. And, brilliance – what makes a diamond gorgeous – is the reflection of a bright white light. Therefore, diamond-cut affects how the light is refracted around the diamond, its beauty and value.

A diamond with a deep cut has ideal proportions as it will direct light through the crown, whereas narrow and flat stones will emit light from the side or bottom. Diamond cut affects how the light is refracted around the diamond. 

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) has a diamond cut chart that takes into consideration design and craftsmanship of the diamond. The GIA cut grades are described below.

Excellent:   This diamond grade is determined by its even pattern of bright and dark areas. Increased darkness in the pavilion mains.  

Very Good:  This diamond grade is determined by brightness, scintillation and polish.

Good: This diamond grade is limited by its scintillation. In this case, the somewhat shallow pavilion angle produces dark pavilion mains.

Fair: This diamond grade is limited by its scintillation. A race-up appearance with a lack of contrast and general darkness.

Poor: This diamond grade is limited by its weight ratio. This diamond’s diameter is much smaller than its carat weight would indicate.

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