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Diamond Studs Wholesale, Los Angeles Diamond Earrings Specialist

Wholesale Diamonds in Los Angeles

Diamond Studs Wholesale

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Los Angeles, CA

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Today Diamond Studs Wholesale provides it's customers with the absolute best in diamond jewelry, diamond engagement rings, and even diamond pendants, but it wasn't always this way.  There was once a time when this, the greatest diamond jeweler on the internet, was just a small diamond wholesaler selling to retail stores.  Thankfully, as the business has expanded online, their certified diamonds are now available at the same low prices every single day of the week on, no coupon code required.

Why Buy Wholesale Diamonds Studs from Us?

By going into a local retail store, you immediately have pressure mounting from every direction, whether it is the intense lighting or the constant attention of the salespeople.  We have fixed that incredibly common problem with the most simple solution: let you take your own pace as you browse through thousands of diamond rings, diamond pendants, and diamond stud earrings.  This way, you can shop around to your hearts delight and never have to feel as though you aren't ready.  We left the best benefit for last; you can shop around and truly find out which diamond wholesaler has the best price right in the comfort of your very own home.

But make sure you are comparing apples to apples.  For some internet diamond wholesalers, you may not get the certification you need to assure the quality and consistency of your new diamonds.  Again, Diamond Studs Wholesale is here to help by providing only the best quality certified diamonds graded by Graduate Gemologists.  You don't have to take our word for it either as every diamond we sell is accompanied by a fully authentic certificate with gemological report. 

You may be thinking of all the downfalls to ordering online: difficult returns, shipping costs, and questionable warranties.  We can answer all your issues with the confidence and trust of thirty years of experience in the diamond industry as a small family company of jewelers and diamond experts.  First, all domestic orders inside the United States are eligible for absolutely free shipping, no matter if you live in Maine or California.  Second, all of our products enjoy a no-risk return policy, because if we wouldn't want it why should you?  It doesn't end there; we break current trends of stagnation in the diamond industry by accepting back our diamonds at any time for an upgrade, something no diamond retailer has ever done.  Last, our lifetime warranty program coupled with our care and maintenance program will be sure to please even the most seasoned diamond buyer, guaranteed.

If you didn't know all that we have done, you might think that we have been asleep for the past twenty years.  But, in actuality, we have built a spot for ourselves in the wholesale diamond industry that has never been filled, and now it pays off in terms of business relationships.  By being in touch with many reputable mine owners, diamond cutters, and diamond suppliers, we can bring the best wholesale diamonds to you and save you money by not having the overhead costs of a traditional jeweler.


Retail Jeweler vs.

We remember a time when only local retail diamond companies ruled the industry, and was just a pipe dream.  Unfortunately, if you were a consumer during this period you would have to visit your local jeweler and get pressured just to even look at diamonds.  Furthermore, you have to choose from such a limited assorted that you may never find that one perfect diamond for you and your spouse, even if you pay more than you ever anticipated.

On the other hand, now anyone can shop at the best online jewelry retailer and see their inventory of ten thousand diamonds.  Not only can you take your time, you can hand pick the diamond that meets your specifications and we will be right here to help, no matter what.  Your local retail diamond store might have a fifth of the selection right in front of you, and their prices will reflect that difference.

One thing that most people don't know about is a little thing called "consignment".  When a wholesaler consigns jewelry to a local store, anything above the price that the wholesaler asks for is pure profit.  So, they might sell you a low quality diamond with a hefty price tag just so that they can squeeze more out of your family to line their pockets unfairly and disproportionately among customers.

So, once you notice everything we have discussed, what kind of discounts do you expect from  If you are thinking less than fifty to ninety percent off retail prices, you are thinking too low as our customers have the most purchasing power per dollar than any retail store, hands down.

Most importantly, we are committed to providing an easy, intuitive, and straightforward positive buying experience for all of our customers, whether they actually buy a wholesale diamond or they are just looking for the future.  And, when the time comes, we'll help you make an informed and worry-free choice of one of the thousands of diamonds we have available to the public.  Simply put, the best diamond buying experience is right here at Diamond Studs Wholesale, with a limitless selection, excellent wholesale pricing, and expert knowledge, it's impossible to go wrong.