Steal Her Heart with Heart Shaped Diamonds

Fancy cut diamonds are no new fad.  They have been around nearly as long as humans have been cutting diamonds, but only recently have we actually started to perfect modified cuts.  In the beginning, we would have to cut diamonds with a chisel, trying to break them in just the perfect way.  If something went wrong, the entire diamond becomes ruined or deformed, and the cutting process has to start over again from page one.  Now, we can take a typical brilliant round cut and design it in the shape of your choice to match whatever preferences you may have, without detracting from the original beauty of the stone.   Plus, when value comes down to uniqueness, there is nothing like a fancy cut diamond engagement ring to set you and your spouse apart from everyone else with a diamond ring.

Heart Shaped Diamonds

These three heart shaped diamonds are taken directly from the safe at Diamond Studs Wholesale's headquarters.

Without further ado, we would like to announce, brand new on the shores of Diamond Studs Wholesale, are modified brilliant cut heart shaped diamonds.  With a fire and shine just like any other brilliant round cut, a heart shaped diamond provides that extra something you have always wanted.  Needless to say, Brilliant Round and Brilliant Princess cut diamonds are some of the best sold and most sparkly diamonds around.  But, when it comes down to uniqueness, and wanting to shine in a way that can't be done with other diamonds, you need to think outside of the box.  Thankfully, we have done that for you, and now you can set a brand new heart shaped diamond in anything you could dream of: a diamond engagement ring, a diamond pendant with necklace chain, or even just a pair of diamond stud earrings.

Your new heart shaped diamond engagement ring will look similar to this one; with a fire that can be noticed from yards away.

Of course, there is one thing missing from the equation: the price.  When it comes to fancy cut diamonds, you know that there is an added cost as only very particularly trained diamond cutters can make these kinds of shapes without destroying the stone itself.  That being said, your local retail diamond store would charge up to ten times as much as a typical cut stone, just because of that added work.  Thankfully, Diamond Studs Wholesale isn't just any diamond retail store, it is the absolute best diamond wholesaler in Los Angeles and on the internet, period.  That fact is reflected in the price tag of your new heart shape diamond, which will be just as reasonably affordable as all of the other diamonds on their website, hands down.  After all, whats the point in having beautiful diamonds if no one can buy them and enjoy them?