The Largest Colored Diamond Canada Has Ever Seen

Real stunning naturally colored diamonds are found in all different kinds of shapes, colors, and sizes from the top of the world to the bottom.  So, when a truly special piece comes by, it's hard not to take a minute to sit back and simply bask in the beauty that the Earth has created, refined by the most experienced specialists ever known.  The latest offering expected to rally hundreds of potential investors, coming out of Canada this time around, is in the form of the absolute largest diamond colored diamond ever sold inside the country.

Nearly flawless and only a smidgen larger in circumference than a dime, this rectangular shape radiant cut diamond most likely originally called Botswana home before being mined and sent off to the highest bidder at the time.  Unfortunately for lovers of exotic stones, that was the last time the diamond was seen for over twenty years, as it spent that time slowly but surely decaying in the lightless safe of a New York investor.  However, now that the value of diamonds have increased significantly since the stone was first purchased, this unique gemstone is finally back in the open for all eyes to see and enjoy like it was always meant to be.

“It could sell for $500,000, it could sell for $3 million. It depends on who’s in the room.”  Says Kashif Khan, the director of the auction house Ritchies which is selling the the thirty carat solitaire.  Starting at a modest $400,000 to $500,000 USD starting price, is quite the deal compared to other stones recently sold at auction.  For instance, a 10 carat pink diamond just recently sold for $10 million USD, while a 50 carat white diamond sold for $3 million USD.   Only time will truly tell how much the jewel is worth, but we know that for us, it's priceless.

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