The Largest Flawless Vivid Blue Diamond in the World: 'The Winston Blue'

Colored diamonds are known around the world as the most expensive stones sold at auction time and time again.  The reason is clear when it comes to this particular Vivid Blue diamond as it is the absolute largest Flawless Vivid Blue diamond ever discovered on Earth.  Peering into the center of the newly named Winston Blue evokes images of the coolest ocean water crashing onto a sandy Hawaiian beach-side.  Some would pay anything for a chance to own such elemental and natural beauty, and one world renown company did just that; paying $23.8 million USD for it earlier this month.  

  'It is absolutely perfect, absolutely pure externally and internally. It is almost a dream,' were the words pronounced by Jean-Marc Lunel, the senior international specialist of Christie's Jewelry Department, when speaking of The Winston Blue.  Since the auction, when the stone was held in a dazzling three stone diamond ring, the Winston Blue now stands alone for all to see it's sparkle from every direction.  Even images of the stone in a ring (below) or alone (above) don't do justice to the sheer radiance of the stone, now locked away deep in the Harry Winston vault.

The technical aspects of the stone are perhaps the most interesting. The pear-shaped faceting holds within 13.22 completely flawless carats of deep blue natural diamond, creating a dramatic scene at the most recent Christie's jewelry and diamond auction.   After countless bids the diamond sold at $1,800 per carat, making this vivid blue by far the most expensive single blue diamond ever sold when compared carat for carat.


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