Diamond Engagement Rings from Classical To Contemporary

There are thousands of different styles of diamond engagement rings, diamond wedding rings, and diamond rings in general, and every single jeweler has their own style they try to sell.  In this type of market, it isn't hard to see why people have such a difficult time finding and choosing the engagement rings of their dreams, and Diamond Studs Wholesale knows this first hand.  In pursuit of the perfect diamond engagement ring, a full collection of vintage, classical, split shank, halo, and new contemporary models have been recently added to the DSW website to make sure no one has to settle when it comes to their special day.

When our designers first thought of a classic diamond engagement ring, they knew they couldn't make it too flashy or gaudy.  The exaggerated style of a hundred diamonds just doesn't have the type of class and tradition that this diamond engagement ring maintains.  Even without fitting as many diamonds as possible on the stone on this diamond ring,  the sparkle never fades, and that is what makes it one of our favorites.

Going in the opposite direction, this contemporary diamond engagement ring combines some of the most modern techniques all in one beautiful package.  First, the channel set side stones are so close together the sparkle flows likes a river down both sides of the shank.  Next, two stones are set at each side of the center, a symbol of not only the love you share today but also of the family that holds your love together throughout your entire lives. Last, but definitely not least, we see the center stone of your choice, the eternal stone that encapsulates your undying bond.

Although this is just a small sample of our newest collection, keep an eye out for more hand-crafted designs only at Diamond Studs Wholesale;