Diamond Studs Wholesale Exclusive: Custom Diamond Wedding Ring

Just as quickly as we announced our custom diamond jewelry options, someone decided that they wanted to surprise their spouse exactly that way.  They had been around many diamond retail stores in their area, but nothing really seemed to fit.  Instead, they decided to take the best elements of the diamonds they had found and put them together in one custom designer diamond ring that is perfect for all of their needs.  Not only did they decide on what the setting would look like, they decided which diamonds would be set in it, and what kind of metal the setting was made out of.  In the end, we put every single thing in their hands to ensure that they would have the best experience they ever could buying a custom diamond ring.

Retail stores just don't make designer diamond engagement rings like this at wholesale prices anymore, and that is where Diamond Studs Wholesale comes in to save the day.

And, as you can see from the image above, they decided to go all out.  They mixed yellow gold and white gold in an amazing hand-crafted look that even we have never seen.  That is why we are always open for our customers to tell us what they want: because sometimes they can be more creative than our wildest dreams.  With a total of four carats (4.02 cts) of Slightly Included 1 grade diamonds, they didn't leave any weight on the cutting room floor.  Of all the custom rings we have made, we have never seen one with so much personalization and detail; but we can do anything.  That's right, when they called us, we told them that we could make their setting without any problems, even though they decided on such an intricate design.  With that in mind, we worked tirelessly to craft the ring exactly to their specifications, not even one stone out of place.  At the end of the day, what truly matters is that we custom made the perfect diamond wedding ring for our customer and gave them a price that can't be found even on standard factory made diamond rings.

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