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Most people buy diamonds online without having exact knowledge of what they are getting into, as they have never purchased diamonds before.  Some end up with stones they never expected because the large list of technical information was just too complicated to understand.  Even though this is such a common problem, not everyone has to fall into that same trap.  There is one industry standard though that can help any consumer immediately become informed about the purchase they are about to make: the certification.
A gemological certification is a document which explicates the properties of a particular piece as compared with other pieces..  For instance, after looking at thousands of stones a trained gemologist could recognize the difference between Slightly Included (SI) grade stones, and Very Slightly Included (VS) stones.  When grading a new stone, this gemologist will use all previous knowledge of diamonds, and the most precise tools available, to give ratings to all of the Four C's.  This helps insurers, retailers, and consumers know what they are buying before they end up opening their wallet to spend a fortune.
Every stone we sell here on is sent to an independent third party laboratory to get inspected, appraised, and certified.   GGS ( is the major gemological laboratory we use to accurately and precisely measure and grade our stones for clarity, color, and cut.   GGS has decades of experience using state of the art technology in innovative new ways to push the boundaries of quality inspection services not found in small retail stores.  Their comprehensive appraisals specify the stone's characteristics from top to bottom and note how these properties will affect the actual look of the piece.  Clearing up all the unknowns around purchasing high grade diamonds makes the difference between an informed consumer and an lost amateur.